14. Ride Sharing

Uber Toyota Camry

This last option doesn’t need too much explanation. The ride sharing marketplace is crowded here in New York City, with Uber, Lyft, Juno and Via the main operators. Juno is owned by Gett, which merged its app with Juno in the United States last year, but it is rumored that Gett may sell Juno and pull out of the U.S. market completely. The crowded market has meant a lot of consumer choice, along with a lot of ride share cars on the roads – something the New York City Council decided to regulate in early August, becoming the first city to put a cap on new licenses for ride share vehicles for a year, while it studies the industry.
If you’re wondering how to choose between the options – Lyft has a host of sustainability initiatives, including carbon off-sets for all of their rides. Via competes by having more capacity per car (often in Mercedes Metris vans) and using an algorithm that makes sure you only pick up other riders along the route, so no circling around. Juno aims to provide a better standard of living for drivers, and charges 30-40% lower commission than competitors.