8. Dollar Vans

Dollar Vans in Chinatown
The “Dollar Vans” in New York City have historically provided transportation to and between areas underserved by public transit. It is estimated that dollar vans serve up to 100,000 customers per day in New York City. While dollar vans were generally previously unregulated, popping up to serve demand, legislation was passed by New York City Council in 2017 to cap licenses and regulate the commuter van industry, so you can now find vans that are licensed by the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission, which means the drivers are background checked, the vehicles have to meet strict standards, and the operators must have proper insurance and licensing.
DollarVan.nyc, a privately run initiative, provides maps of three routes: Chinatown/Sunset Park/Flushing, which connects the three major Chinatowns in New York City and really flourished in the years after 9/11 when mass transit was challenging); Eastern Queens; and the Flatbush/Utica area in Brooklyn. There is also a well-known route that plies between East New York in New Jersey and New York City. Fares are usually $2 or $3.