3. There is a Buried Brook in Van Cortlandt Park

A model of the buried Tibbets Brook from Finding Tibbets

Like much of New York City’s drastically altered urban landscape, beneath Van Cortlandt Park there is the buried Tibbets Brook. It flows from White Plains south to Van Cortlandt Park and disappears in one of the park’s lakes. In 2018, a mobile wetland titled Finding Tibbetts traveled around the Bronx to build support for the Daylighting Tibbetts Brook project, an environmental initiative by City as Living Lab to unearth the now-buried Tibbetts Brook in order to minimize water pollution, reduce flooding, and reinvigorate the surrounding ecosystem. Finding Tibbetts made multiple stops in the Bronx where visitors could see the model cross-section of the brook, with water tubes, a real marsh, and an inhabitable section that invites visitors to enter and reflect on their own position in the environment.