6. Clermont State Historic Site

Photo courtesy Dutchess Tourism

The Clermont State Historic Site is located right on the Hudson River, the former mansion and estate of Robert Livingston, the son of the Revolutionary War figure of the same name. The elder Lord Livingston once had 160,000 acres of land, and gave his second son Robert 13,000 acres which became the Claremont estate. The first mansion was built in 1740, but was burnt to the ground during the Revolutionary War by the British, in retribution for the family’s support of the American side of the war. Livingston’s wife, Margaret Beekman Livingston, rebuilt the house during the war.

The estate remained in the family until 1962, when it was offered to New York State as a historic site. The home is surrounded by 500 acres that belongs to the historic site. The home and visitor center is open until late December but the gardens, grounds and trails are open all year round. Upcoming events include Candlelight Ghost Tours and an Autumn Bird Walk.

The Clermont State Historic Site is located at 87 Clermont Avenue, Germantown, NY 12526.

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