7. The Waitlist at Westbeth is 12-15 Years Long

Westbeth Artists Housing-Far West Village-55 Bethune Street-Bell Laboratories Site-Landmark-NYC-015

Westbeth Artist Residents Council President Roger Braimon tells Untapped Cities that the wait for an apartment at Westbeth is currently between twelve to fifteen years long. Part of the reason the wait is so long is because once people are in, they don’t want to leave. 11-14% of the original tenants from 1970, when the complex first opened, still live there. Also, children are allowed to take over apartments from their parents, which further extends the wait for new residents. The housing complex had to stop accepting new applicants in 2007 because the waitlist had grown to over 250 people! However, we are told that one, two, and three bedroom lists are going to be opening up soon.