6. Keith Haring’s First Solo Exhibition was at Westbeth

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The famous American pop-artist Keith Haring had his first solo exhibition, Des Refusés, at the Westbeth Painters Space on February 10, 1981. To advertise the event, Haring created flyers like the ones once displayed n the Brooklyn Museum.

Today, the Westbeth Gallery showcases the work of professional artists who live in Westbeth as well the work of artists and curators from outside Westbeth through an open call for proposals. Proposals are accepted annually from February to April. Cultural organizations also exhibit work there, such as the Whitney Museum Staff show, Parsons Fine Arts MFA exhibition, New York Foundation of the Arts Fellows, and many more. This month, the Westbeth Gallery will be home to an exhibition connected to Art in Odd Spaces (see more information here).