2. Inside Out

Photograph by Stephanie De Rouge

Inside Out is a “global participatory art project started by JR, after he was awarded the 2011 TED Prize.” Any group of at least 5 people who organize a Group Action can participate. Groups with a message and fifty portraits can send them to the Inside Out team who prints and sends them back to the group to post to get their message out. Part of the project included photo booths that popped up in various countries where anyone could have their portrait taken.

The project came to New York in 2016 when about 6,000 people had their portrait taken at a photo-booth in Times Square and then pasted it on the ground. The project also made an appearance at Fordham, where another photo booth appeared. Images were then pasted on a cement wall that runs along 60th street through the campus. Giant portraits of members of the Native American Lakota tribe that appeared around New York City in 2012 were also part of the Inside Out project and New York City photographer Stephane De Rouge used the program this past winter to create her series Feeding NYC which featured portraits of New York City street vendors in the East Village.

1. A Truck Traveling Cross-Country

In 2016 JR covered a truck on all sides in his signature wheat-pasting style, this time using a black and white photograph of hands reaching out from a black background. The truck, driven by his friend Daniel Salin,  made a cross country journey all the way from New York City, west to Los Angeles, California.

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