2. There’s a Bar Named After a Mile Marker in the NYC Marathon

Photo from 2017 NYC Marathon courtesy of Mile 17 bar and restaurant. 

At 1446 First Avenue, between 75th and 76th streets is a bar and restaurant called Mile 17, literally named after its location on the NYC Marathon route! A reviewer on the restaurant’s Facebook page says, “This Mile 17 is much more enjoyable than its namesake!!!”  and another wrote, “Perfect for watching the NYC Marathon.”

Mile 17, which hosts an annual NYC Marathon party, is a pretty fun reason to head up to the Upper East Side, a place to take refuge and celebrate since 1st Avenue between miles 16 and 18 gets pretty crowded. In fact, the NYC Marathon website promotes the zone as one of the “best spots to watch on the course,” noting that “First Avenue is known for being packed with spectators who line the sidewalks and shout encouragement. The avenue’s many bars and restaurants contribute to the festive atmosphere.”