5. Look Out for the Fun Signs and Costumes

The spectators are one of the best things about the NYC Marathon. Some set up a stand or chairs and cheer all day, offering support, water, snacks, fruits, and high fives. Some make very creative signs. In 2015, we saw signs like, “If Trump can run for President, you can run 26.2 miles,” and “Hurry up, the Kenyans are Finishing Up All the Beers.” This year, Michelob Ultra has paid for advertising all along the route on the sides of buildings that say how many miles left until beer. Other signs are interactive, like “Hit here for Superpowers.” Some get even more creative, like the minions we saw handing out bananas. Marathoners also known to dress in costume too – we’ve seen men in full suits, people in chicken costumes, superhero costumes and more.