With a history as long and storied as New York City’s, there are bound to be tales of ghostly apparitions attached to its most famous and frequented locations. Over the centuries New York City has experienced all of the makings of a good haunting, from tragic and untimely deaths to mass burials and unfinished business. Here are 10 of New York City’s most famously haunted locations:

10. The Merchant House Museum

The Merchant House Museum was built in 1832 and is an example of late-Federal and Greek Revival styles. It was the first building designated in the borough of Manhattan following the passing of the Landmarks Preservation law in April 1965 and is the only historic house museum in the Greenwich Village/Soho/NoHo neighborhoods. But what really sets this building apart is its embracing of its haunted history. There is even a “Ghosts” tab on the website.

The museum was once the home of a wealthy mercantile family, the Tredwells, from 1835 to 1933. Over 3,000 items of the family’s possessions including furniture, decorative arts, clothing, photographs and books, household items, and personal items make up the museum’s collection. Many claim that the ghost that haunts the house is that of Gertrude Tredwell, the youngest of the Tredwells’ eight children. Gertrude was born in an upstairs bedroom in 1840 and died in the house 93 years later. She was the last member of the family to live there. The house has been a museum since the 1930s and there have always been stories of strange and inexplicable happenings reported by staff, volunteers, visitors, and neighbors.