30. Color Factory’s Interactive Exhibits

Display in the lobby of Color Factory

Mid last month, Color Factory, an interactive exhibit that celebrates color and creativity, debuted in SoHo with a new color palette curated from the streets of New York. Their goal is to encourage people to engage with color in a personal manner, one that prompts them to reflect on the colorful aspects of everyday life, from the purple flowers at the bodega to the orange objects of a construction zone, which are just two sources of Color Factory’s palette.

Color Factory consists of 16 participatory installations, including an enormous blue ball pit in which diving in is highly encouraged, a dance floor, and an interactive flowchart quiz that reveals your secret color. The exhibition fun even continues outdoors; Color Factory provides visitors with a map of 23 local businesses and organizations with instructions for embarking on your own scavenger hunt to see the colors of the neighborhood and collect some goodies.

Color Factory is a must-visit spot for all color enthusiasts, or just anyone who wants to have some fun, move around, and get some cool photos.