The highly anticipated Nutella Cafe, which has delighted lovers of the chocolate and hazelnut spread in Chicago since last spring, will finally open its doors in New York City this week. New Yorkers will be able to get their hands on tasty Nutella based treats at the grand opening of the Nutella Cafe’s 2,200 square-foot Union Square location on Wednesday, November 14th! This cafe will be the second stand-alone location dedicated to the spread after the success of pop-ups across the country, a temporary Nutella Bar in Eataly, and the first stand-alone cafe in Chicago. Untapped Cities Insider Kiara Di Paola, who runs the NYC 4 All got a sneak peek and shared with us these photographs.

Nutella Cafe New York will feature a cafe menu of all-day dishes served “with a side of happy” and specialty espresso beverages. Customers will have the opportunity to create their own crepes, waffles, pancakes and French toast dishes with fruits and toppings or choose from the mouth watering selection of a-la-carte items like grilled banana bread drizzled with Nutella or a pound cake panzanella. There will also be a gelato station serving up Nutella infused flavors and push-pops. Plus, it’s not just the food that will be totally Insta-worthy. The Cafe has a bright white, backlit selfie wall and you can get a personalized jar to pose with. In January, the cafe will host interactive Nutella-based cooking workshops.

Nutella was created in 1964 by Michele Ferrero, the son of confectioner and Ferrero founder Pietro Ferrero. The modern day spread is based on Pietro Ferrero’s 1946 recipe for Giandujot, a sweet paste made from hazelnuts and just a little bit of cocoa which Ferrero developed during World War II when supplies of cocoa were scarce. Nutella was introduced to the United States in 1983 and is now available in approximately 160 countries worldwide.

Nutella Cafe New York is located at 116 University Place at 13th Street and will open to the public Wednesday at 12:00p.m. Get there early to get in line!

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