Untapped Cities is excited to announce a partnership with Virgin Holidays on their NYC Trending Travel Guide. The Virgin team analyzed over 26 million social media posts to find the top attractionsrestaurantsnightlife and shopping in New York City right now. It’s the first guide ever to be based on live social media data, and Virgin Holidays accomplished this by working alongside one of the world’s leading social media monitoring tool to identify trending attractions.

Although the guide is aimed for travelers interested in visiting our great city, as New York City experts, were excited to participate and share our thoughts and experiences at two very holiday locations: Bloomingdale’s and Le Bain, on top of the Standard Hotel. We are honored to also be featured on the home page of the Virgin Holidays NYC travel guide.

Finding the fun facts about Bloomingdale’s, adapted partially from our Top 10 Secrets of Bloomingdale’s article, we shared about the store’s long history from the Lower East Side to the Upper East, the Queen of England’s visit in 1976, when the store sold bags of ice chips from a Greenland glacier, and more. We wrote, “The old school glamour associated with a bygone time can still be found (and purchased) here” and highlighted the store’s Art Deco architectural heritage.

Our second article featured Le Bain, one of the hotspots within The Standard Hotel that has an indoor plunge pool in the summer months and a 360 degree rooftop deck with turf grass, poufs, and even a creperie stand.

Read on for more on Bloomingdale’s and Le Bain at the Virgin Holidays Trending Travel Guide!