The cuisine in New Rochelle is worth multiple visits, as the city’s diverse, multicultural residents have created a plethora of restaurants along the international spectrum worth checking out. You’ll find Peruvian and Spanish food at Patria’s tapas and wine, Croatian food at Dubrovnik Restaurant, Colombian food at Colombian House Restaurant, Italian at Modern (in a stunning former car dealership on Huguenot Street) and at Posto 22, Mexican and Peruvian at Salsa y Brasa, Indian at Coramandel Cuisine of India, soul food and Caribbean at Alvin & Friends, and much much more.


It’s easy to get to New Rochelle. By Metro North, it’s exactly a 33 minute train ride from Grand Central Terminal to New Rochelle Train Station. The station in New Rochelle has the feel of a 19th century depot with a gabled roof and a wood paneled waiting room that has a bank of ticketing windows and a concierge pavilion.

Fun fact: In 1941, the New Rochelle train station was the first in the nation to install a commuter banking branch. Termed a “midget branch”, the 7 foot x 5 foot branch of the First National Bank of New Rochelle was located in a former shoe-shine stand in the New Rochelle train station, with a door only 3 feet high and 20 inches wide.

Also, New York City Metrocards (including the monthly) can be used on all Westchester Bee Line buses, and you can transfer from the subway. The Bee Line 60 runs from Fordham Road in the Bronx to New Rochelle, so you can literally get to the city on a single Metrocard ride!

Go explore what New Rochelle has to offer and stay tuned next month for our guide to downtown New Rochelle!