We here at Untapped Cities are excited to announce new winter dates for our updated Underground Art in the Subway Tour! On this tour, guests will discover the many interesting works of art hidden in plain sight throughout the New York City subway system. Your expert tour guide, Untapped Cities’ Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers, will reveal a variety of unique pieces from the whimsical little brass figures in the 14th Street and 8th Avenue Station to the site specific installation by renowned artist Mary Miss that highlights historic parts of the Union Square Station. Tickets are on sale now and the first new available date is this Sunday, December 16th!

Behind-the-Scenes Tour of NYC Subway Art


  • Learn the secrets behind the much-loved brass figures at 14th Street and 8th Avenue
  • See how an artist framed the 14th Street Union Square station to preserve its history
  • Engage with a very playful art installation at 23rd Street
  • See the forgotten terra cotta tiles in Fulton Center and learn about their history


  • Price: $35 per person
  • What to know: The tour is approximately 2-hours long; please consult with the MTA for weekend subway schedules and routing changes. No cancellations or refunds. Tour ends at Fulton Center A,C,2,3,4,5,J,R. This tour requires one Metro Card swipe.
  • What to wear: Bring comfortable shoes, as the tour requires walking up and down stairs

Behind-the-Scenes Tour of NYC Subway Art


The New York City subway system is the largest in the world and with hundreds of art installations scattered throughout its 430 stations, it’s also one of the world’s largest public art galleries. Join Untapped Cities tour guide Justin Rivers as he takes you on an in-depth tour of the subway art tapestry, put together to illuminate the often unseen art, history, and secrets that make the subway system the most playful gallery in the world. Co-conceptualized by artist Aaron Asis, it’s a perfect compliment to our popular Underground Subway Tour or a fun stand alone for art, history and subway lovers alike.


Fulton Center-Fulton Street Subway Station-William St-Hotel McAlpin-Marine Grill-Terra Cotta Murals-Herald Square-NYC



"Times Square Mural" by Roy Lichtenstein
Behind-the-Scenes Tour of NYC Subway Art

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