8. Hang a Tibetan Prayer Flag

Photograph by Ben Hider, Courtesy of the Rubin Museum

For 2019, the Rubin Museum is adopting the theme of “Power: Within and Between Us” as a yearlong focus on empowering visitors. To kick of the New Year, the first event under this mission statement will be a prayer flag, or lung-ta, ceremony with mantra chants and blessings from Geshe Tashi Dorje, the director of the Center for Universal Peace in New York. Participants are invited to add their hopes and anxieties to the display of Tibetan prayer flags that have been collected and displayed on the Spiral Wall at the museum. In Tibetan tradition, it is believed that when a prayer flag is blown by the wind, the prayers purify the environment and help bring peace to the world.

This event will take place on Wednesday, January 2, 2019. The event is free but you must register online in advance. The first 35 people to RSVP will receive a free prayer flag.

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