Throughout all of its long history, Long Island City (formerly Dutch Kills) has been a transportation hub. From its days as a key point between Queens road networks in the 19th century, to the construction of the Queensboro Bridge connecting Manhattan in the early 1900s, the area is known for its centralized location and manufacturing and industrial influences.

As rezoning laws and development projects have come into play over the last 20 years or so, the area has rapidly expanded. And for every corporation that decides to gobble up territory, there have been many wonderful local businesses and public spaces that have emerged as well.

LIC has kept up with its past—it’s only a short subway ride away from most New York neighborhoods, and businesses and revitalization efforts have utilized its industrial architecture to a tee. We recommend getting to know this neighborhood asap, so here are our picks for what to do—foodie, cultural and just plain fun!

1. Big aLICe Brewing: 8-08 43rd Rd.

Photograph by Max Krueger, Courtesy of Big aLICe Brewing 

Move over Brooklyn, LIC is undoubtedly the new hot spot for craft microbreweries. Thanks to its aforementioned industrial space, LIC boasts plenty of room to house giant vats for fermenting and other brewing equipment, making it the perfect place to set up shop for beer-making. To beat the crowds at the better-known Fifth Hammer Brewing down the road, and try unique beer flavors like jalapeno and lemongrass, head over to Big aLICe. Though a tad off the beaten path, the small but comfortable space is the perfect spot to curl up with a flight and chat with the friendly bartenders about the newest brews.