4. Chelsea Waterside Park

Chelsea Waterside Park
Courtesy of SWA/Balsley

Creating Chelsea Waterside Park was a decades long process. Completed in the fall of 2000, the 2.5 acre park located at West 23rd Street and the West Side Highway was one of the first reinvigorated waterfront spaces of the now extensive Hudson River Park. The park has sprawling lawns for passive use and activity centered areas with sports fields, court games, shade structures and an interactive water playground. In August of 2018, a new children’s playground designed by Architect Michael Van-Valkenburgh and the Danish design firm MONSTRUM was installed to replace the original that was installed in 2000. The design of the park marries clean, contemporary curves with lush plants and rugged, historically derived stone detailing. Inside the park you will also find a “state of the art adventure dog run” so your furry friends can enjoy the great design as well.