4. Javits Center Green Roof and Expansion

The Javits Center Green Roof is an exemplary story of FXCollaborative’s commitment to sustainable design. The 6.75 acre green roof is the 2nd largest in the country and was part of a comprehensive five year renovation that has resulted in the convention center lowering its annual energy consumption by 26%. The green roof absorbs 7 million gallons of water annually, helping to reduce runoff, and has brought the surface temperature of the roof down by 31%. The natural space has also helped foster a habitat of local creatures including six different species of birds, bats, and a thriving community of bees that produce Jacob’s Honey.

In addition to the green roof, FXCollaborative, in partnership with Epstein, is carrying out an expansion plan that will increase the convention center’s already large footprint from 1.9 million to 6 million square feet. Additional facilities will include more exhibition space, meeting rooms, service areas, support space, food service areas and a hotel.