Photograph by Martha Cooper, Courtesy of Goldman Properties

Despite the freezing temperatures February has brought, New York City’s outdoor art scene continues to flourish with exciting new pieces unveiled this month. There are also a bunch of new indoor exhibits for those looking to stay inside. From a record breaking Valentines Day sculpture to a retrospective on the fantastical work of author J.R.R Tolkien, check out 10 new installations not to miss this February!

1. Times Square Valentine Heart, “X”

Every year Times Square Arts host the Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition where artists and design firms compete to have their piece displayed in Times Square for the month of February. The winning design for this year’s 11th annual competition was created by the architecture and design firm Reddymade. Reddymade’s “X,” is made of two intersecting aluminum planes with rounded openings at the crossing that combine to form a heart shape when viewed from different angles. Inside the openings visitors will see the phrase “Into Difference, Add Equality, Find Love, Don’t Forget the Flowers.”

At a press conference to unveil the art piece, Suchi Reddy noted that the piece addresses love not just “in the context of romantic love, but love as it affects our societies and communities” as well. The X-shape symbolizes many things including a kiss, democracy (the mark we use to cast our vote), and the new gender option available on New York birth certificates. The 18-foot-tall structure is the largest and tallest winning design ever selected. It was built by Bednark Studio with lighting design by Reveal Design Group and interactivity by Brooklyn Research. The hi-tech lighting on the installation glows brighter as more people gather near it.

You can visit the installation, walk around and under it, throughout the month of February in Duffy Square.