6. Ice Sculptures at Madison Square Park

As part of sculptor Arlene Shechet’s ongoing installation Full Steam Ahead at Madison Square Park, she has collaborated with ice sculptor Shintaro Okamoto to add two temporary ice sculptures to the park. On February 1st, Okamoto carved two large-scale ice sculptures, one of the Statue of Liberty‘s iconic torch and another of early twentieth-century artist’s model Audrey Munson. The torch sculpture is six feet tall and based on the original torch which was put on display in Madison Squre park from 1876 until 1882 in an attempt to help raise funds for the completion and installation of the Statue. The sculpture of Munson pays homage to the women who’s face inspired many artists of her time and who’s likeness appears on the steps of Columbia University’s Low Memorial Library and the Pulitzer Fountain in Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. The sculptures will be left to the elements to naturally melt away and transform as the days wear on.