Fordham University is not just the only Jesuit university in New York City, but also the third-oldest university in New York City. Fordham University has two campuses, a location at Rose Hill in the Bronx, and Lincoln Center in Manhattan. Unbeknownst to most, Fordham University is also one of the most haunted college campuses in America – the Rose Hill campus in particular. Each location has its own secrets, but Rose Hill in the Bronx is the original location and therefore enriched with history and stories of alleged hauntings. When Fordham students aren’t being taunted by ghosts and spirits, they are either studying amongst great, hidden artworks or eating the best pizza in the Bronx.

Read on for ten secrets of Fordham University, shared by student insiders:

10. Dealy Hall, One of NYC’s Remaining Armories

Dealy Hall at Fordham University’s Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx did not always host dreaded 8:30 am classes. In fact, this building dates back to 1867 when it was actually used as an armory. As such, Dealy Hall is one of the last remaining armories in New York City. The building was expanded in 1891 and again later. Currently, this building houses the psychology and humanities departments and most important to Fordham students, an on-campus Starbucks location.

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5 thoughts on “The Top 10 Secrets of Fordham University in NYC

  1. Also, Keating Hall wasn’t built until 1936, well after Poe died in 1849. Thus if Keating had bells they would have only inspired Poe while in his grave. A possibility I guess given Poe.

    1. Sorry, yes we missed that in the editing! The plaque is from University Church!

  2. Keating Hall didn’t and still does not have bells. They are electric and installed relatively recently. Poe’s inspiration came from the University Church bells.

    1. The class of 1990 donated the Keating Hall electronic bells during its senior year.

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