Queens College, located in Kew Gardens Hills, is one of the largest four year institutions in the City University of New York and is well known for its contributions to research, affordability, and notable alumni such as Jerry Seinfeld, Paul Simon, and Fran Drescher. It remains, however, one of the more unsung heroes of CUNY’s school system with many hidden gems within the institution. From animals that greet students on their way to class, former schools that once sat on the campus, niche places to relax, to its contributions to the arts, Queens College is full to the brim with interesting secrets.

1. Queens College Is Next to a Little-Known Farm

Pictured from left to right: a pony, two ducks, a sheep, two calves, and an alpaca.

Of all the many sights and sounds of bustling Queens college, the most unexpected, and unique, come from the miniature farm next to Queens Hall. The farm is property of the nearby John Bowne High School Agricultural Program. The program has been nationally recognized for its contributions to urban agricultural education, and locally recognized for the adorable animals that greet Queens College students on their way to class. Some of its notable residents are sheep, ducks, alpacas, and calves that appear throughout the day.