2. Architectural Remnants of Queens College’s Past Life

Jefferson Hall, former main administration building for the Parental Home.

One of the college’s most defining features is the eclectic mix of architectural styles found throughout its 77 acres. Jefferson, Delany, and Colwin Halls are the oldest structures, having been built in the early 1900s as part of a “Parental Home for Incorrigible Boys and Truants”, which shut down after a very scandalous few years. The Parental Home had an main administration building, three dormitories referred to as cottages, and a power plant. They were designed in a Mission Revival style by C.B.J. Snyder, Superintendent of School Buildings in New York City. Throughout the 80 year history of Queens College, numerous buildings were added in varying styles, with each decade leaving a very unique mark on the campus.