12. Tats Cru Houston Bowery Wall Mural

Photograph by Martha Cooper, Courtesy of Goldman Properties

The Houston Bowery Wall has been a canvas for great art since the 1970s when Keith Haring painted a mural there. In the ensuing decades a variety of artists have been commissioned to leave their creative mark on the wall. The latest group to be added to this line-up of talent is the Tats Cru who debuted their mural at the end of January. According to the Bowery Boogie, the Bronx-based group is the first full graffiti crew to paint a mural on the wall. The mural, which replaces JR’s anti-gun piece, is a representation of New York City, with a special homage to the Lower East Side. Within the colorful mural you will see a nod to the history of the wall itself and a to the nearby Liz Christy Garden, the first community garden in New York City.