6. Black and Light by Oscar Oiwa

Photograph courtesy of Visionaire

The latest installation presented by Visionaire inside the rotating gallery of The Cadillac House is Black and Light by Japanese-Brazilian artist Oscar Oiwa. Black an Light features a hand-drawn landscape-style work that spans the surface of a 2,700 square foot inflatable canvas. Oiwa’s drawings, created with just a black felt-tip pen, give life to two new original characters, Light Rabbit an Shadow Cat, who are hidden within the intricate illustration. Oiwa has been working on the drawing since February 25th and will continue to draw until the piece is completed on March 11th. At that time, visitors will be allowed to enter the inflatable canvas and completely immerse themselves in Oiwa’s work. Before the grand reveal, Oiwa’s drawing will be live-streamed via a GoPro on a screen outside of the installation until March 8th.

The installation will be on view until March 30th.