Last year, Untapped Cities launched a one-of-a-kind photography workshop experience with renowned New York City photographer and photography teacher Stephanie de Rouge. The One Place, One Face experience consists of a cultural walking tour with a certified guide in an iconic New York City location (The Place), photography instruction from de Rouge, and a one-on-one portrait session where participants will get to use an anonymous yet super-star New Yorker connected to the place as a model (The Face). Today, we are announcing the latest workshop in this ongoing series, which will take place on Friday, May 17th, and give participants the opportunity to explore the street art scene in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood and conduct a portrait session with performance artist Claire de Luxe.

One Place, One Face NYC Photo Workshop

THE PLACE: This experience will focus on the thriving creative community and street art scene in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Led by street art expert Justin Rivers, you will discover works of art throughout this Brooklyn neighborhood which has become the epicenter of street art. While taking this tour you will start working on your street photography skills until “The Face” enters the picture…

THE FACE: For this unique experience you will have the privilege to photograph Claire De Luxe, a performance artist who specializes in fire theatrics, stilt dancing, and LED acts. Twirling poi sticks set ablaze and visual wands that create light images in the air, she dazzles audiences with her unique skills and glitzy costumes. De Luxe creates mesmerizing experiences for intimate settings and large scale shows with her troupe The Enchanted Circus. She has performed for the likes of celebrities like Jay-Z and Miranda Kerr and companies such as Sony, Macy’s and The W Hotel. She is often performs at the House of Yes in Brooklyn and has appeared on Lifetime’s Project Runway and Bravo’s The Chef Show.

One Place, One Face NYC Photo Workshop


  • Price: $390
  • Schedule
    • 1 PM: Students meet Stephanie de Rouge for a 30 minute class on portrait photography where they will learn her signature three secrets of making a great portrait in less than 5 minutes, as well as specific techniques for the two types of portraits they will take: “Live Portraits” and “Posed Portraits”.
    • 1:30 PM: The Bushwick street art tour starts near The Bushwick Collective. Students start the “Portraits on the Move” portion of the class using the portrait techniques taught by Stephanie, while discovering and learning about the art in the neighborhood
    • 2:15 PM: The class meets Claire De Luxe. Students start photographing Claire in a group setting
    • 2:45 PM: Under Stephanie’s lead, each student will get individual time with Claire to photograph her one-on-one for the “Posed Portrait” portion of the workshop
    • 3:45 PM: Students debrief with Stephanie in a group setting
    • 4 PM: End of the photo workshop
  • What to know: Wear comfortable shoes, bring your own camera

Optional Critique Session

For those of you who want to extend the experience, a critique and editing session of the photos you took during this workshop is available upon registration on Friday, May 24th from 10am to 12pm. Stephanie de Rouge will review your images, give you a constructive critique, and share tips tailored to your work. If time allows Stephanie will introduce you to the art of storytelling.

6 spots available, $60 per participant. (Option available at checkout)


Inspired by a common passion for New York City and its people, photographer Stephanie de Rouge and Untapped Cities have teamed up to create “One Place One Face”, a photo workshop experience created to celebrate New York City’s diversity, and the often anonymous New Yorkers behind the city’s iconic locations. What would the Statue of Liberty be without its “Keeper of the Flame”? Or the New York City subway without its famous voice announcing the upcoming trains? On this unique and limited photo portrait series, we are offering you a walking tour of an iconic New York City location (The Place), and a photo portrait class focusing on the New Yorker behind it (The Face).

One Place, One Face NYC Photo Workshop


Stephanie is a French photographer and art project manager based in New York. She works as a photography teacher at The International Center of Photography, offers unique photography workshops in NY, creates and manages activist projects worldwide and contributes to major magazines in Europe and the US as portrait and travel photographer. Her work was exhibited in Paris and New York and she received several awards both in France and Canada. Stephanie’s work has been featured in The New York Times Newspaper,  The Guardian, Le Monde Magazine, Images Magazine, ELLE, Le Journal de La Photographie, View Magazine, Io Donna, Zoom magazine, Esquire, and numerous websites all over the world. Some of her images are syndicated by Redux Agency in New York, and Interlinks Images in Paris. Charron gallery in Paris represents some of her artistic projects.

Her clients include: The New York Times Newspaper, Havas, Edible Manhattan, Nestlé, The William Vale, Libération, Sephora, Le Point, Quinn NY, OBA, The Good Life, Storey Publishing, Popular Mechanics among others.

One Place, One Face NYC Photo Workshop

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