23. Barrow’s Pub

Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Shortly after the meet up in Battery Park, Chuck and Connerty head to Barrow’s Pub, a dive bar, in Greenwich Village at 463 Hudson Street. With a nondescript brick facade and classic neon lighting on the windows, Barrow’s Pub is everything you want from in a dive bar with an interior walls lined with sports paraphernalia and Happy Hour beginning at 11 am. One of the special drinks: the “Bin Laden Special.”

24. American Dream Diner

Chuck and Wags meet up with Hal, the fixer, at the American Dream Diner, which is also located on Orangeburg, NY (where the Axe Capital Office headquarters film location is). The place is no longer open in real life, however.

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  1. Hello, they use a church a couple times in season 2 of billions. Which one is it? Thanks

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