8. The Joan Of Arc Statue

Joan of Arc at 93rd St

The Joan of Arc Statue, by esteemed artist and patron of the arts Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington, was dedicated in 1915. The pedestal was designed by architect John Van Pelt, and even includes a few blocks from the tower that Joan of Arc had been imprisoned in. The statue is located at the top of the steps in Riverside Park at 93rd Street. Architect John Van Pelt planted trees to shield the buildings from the view of the equestrian statue. The statue was part of an Adopt-a-Monument Program in 1987, which was a joint partnership between the Municipal Art Society (MAS), the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation and the Art Commission of the City of New York.

Joan of Arc was a French patriot and martyr, who believed she was chosen by God to join the fight liberating the French from English rule. With zero military training, Joan of Arc lead a French army into the besieged city of Orleans to successfully defeat the English in battle.


Though there are only eight monuments that are currently dedicated to women in New York City, with the SheBuilt NYC initiative, more are on the way. Stay tuned for more information on these four new monuments and the initiative to eventually balance the ratio between statues of men and women in New York City.

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