3. La Esquina “The Corner” at 106 Kenmare St, Manhattan

Its corner location is the main feature of this offshoot of exclusive Mexican eatery La Esquina in Nolita. With a speakeasy vibe, the exterior looks like a regular old city corner store—there are even late night tacos to go. But if you tiptoe through the kitchen and down the stairs, you’ll find a secret lounge area. The restaurant says its “actual location is still a conundrum to first-timers.”

Just around the corner from this corner was where the popup Carnegie Deli for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was located.

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  1. 1 Wall Street Court, formerly the Beaver Building/Cocoa Exchange. 82-92 Beaver Street. Financial District

    47 Plaza Street West, 47-61 Plaza Street West, Park Slope, Brooklyn

    The Shenandoah, 10 Sheridan Square, West Village

    I *think” I may have seen photos of at least one somewhere in upper Manhattan (Fort George, Hudson Heights, Inwood), but I can’t find any at the moment!

    • Michelle Young Reply

      Yes, we were thinking about it! We were worried people were going to say it was not technically triangular with a flat front and back. But we can add it!

    • Michelle Young Reply

      umm…There is a photo of the whole building on the top of the article on the same page! The roof is show an alternative, “untapped” view because the roof is off-limits usually. But we’ll switch it up anyway.

  2. Janet Gottlieb Reply

    Is the Bronx chopped liver? We have (at least) one on the Grand Concourse

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