9. Doughnut Plant at 245 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn

Since Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn is diagonal, a good amount of buildings off the street are triangle-shaped. The building where Doughnut Plant most recently took up shop is unique in the fact that it takes up the full plot of land, similar to the Flatiron Building.

The NYC Department of Buildings holds a certificate of occupancy as far back as 1931, potentially from when the building was first constructed. The “character and personality” of the building apparently helped convince the owners to open shop here, according to an interview with Brooklyn Paper. They recovered detailing from the original space and tried to pay homage to the building history with their design—looking at it as more of a “restoration project,” they told DNA Info.

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12 thoughts on “14 of NYC’s Triangle Buildings: A Brief History

  1. 1 Wall Street Court, formerly the Beaver Building/Cocoa Exchange. 82-92 Beaver Street. Financial District

    47 Plaza Street West, 47-61 Plaza Street West, Park Slope, Brooklyn

    The Shenandoah, 10 Sheridan Square, West Village

    I *think” I may have seen photos of at least one somewhere in upper Manhattan (Fort George, Hudson Heights, Inwood), but I can’t find any at the moment!

    1. Yes, we were thinking about it! We were worried people were going to say it was not technically triangular with a flat front and back. But we can add it!

    1. umm…There is a photo of the whole building on the top of the article on the same page! The roof is show an alternative, “untapped” view because the roof is off-limits usually. But we’ll switch it up anyway.

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