7. blu Marble: Live Images of Earth from Space on the Lower East Side

In 1972 as the three man crew of Apollo 17 rocketed towards the moon, they took a moment to look back towards Earth and take a picture. That picture, taken as the astronauts set out on the last manned mission to the moon, would become one of the most widely reproduced images in human history. The debut of Blue Marble, as the photograph has been named, changed the way we view our little blue planet in the context of the vast universe. In his latest public art piece, now on view at 159 Ludlow street in New York City’s Lower East Side, artist, activist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz pays homage to the iconic photograph with a new high tech installation titled blu Marble, created with support from e-vapor brand blu as part of the company’s new campaign, “Pledge World by blu.”. Errazuriz’s blu Marble is a series of images of Earth live-streamed from a NASA satellite and displayed on a custom-made 20-foot LED screen that stands in an empty lot.

The live streamed images of Earth from space will be displayed on the Lower East Side of New York City 24/7 until April 14th, 2019.