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The final season of Game of Thrones premieres on April 14th but fans are already in a frenzy, searching for iron thrones HBO has hidden around the world. One was right here in Fort Totten, Queens – not surprising since HBO is headquartered in New York City – leading to incredibly long lines at the not-often visited but often filmed-in New York City park this past weekend. This week, a massive iron throne (not part of the six hidden ones) appeared at Rockefeller Center, in a special location usually reserved for the Christmas Tree or sculpture by Jeff Koons. The throne was placed in conjunction with promotion for last night’s red carpet premiere of the penultimate, eighth season of Game of Thrones at Radio City Music Hall (HBO has been replaying each season in the lead-up to the final season premiere).

Untapped Cities reader @daveyky snapped these series of photographs yesterday morning, managing to catch almost nobody around the throne. Later in the day, the throne got pretty mobbed – it was only up until yesterday evening. We asked HBO exactly what the throne was made of and received a thrillingly precise response from Denae Goldman, Vice President of Special Events Production at HBO: “The Throne sculpture was a truss structure with a scenic fascia. The base was 5’ tall with a 22’ diameter and the Throne was 30’ tall, so it stood 35’ tall total.  It was internally ballasted with concrete weight blocks and was an overall weight of 20,000 pounds!”

Photo by @daveyky 

HBO hid a total of six plastic “iron” thrones around the world. The six thrones were located in British Columbia in Canada,  Castillo De Atienza in Spain, Björkliden in Sweden, Beberibe, Ceará in Brazil, Gloucestershire in England, and Fort Totten in Queens. Another, non-hidden iron throne, was located in Boston in a press promotion in partnership with the AT&T store on Boylston Street. A “Dragon Wagon” luxury bus departed there for the Radio City premiere for sweepstakes winners.

Photo by @daveyky 

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