11. The Vans Nuyse-Magaw House, 1803

Rumored to have taken three years of careful planning to build, the Vans Nuyse-Magaw House in Midwood was completed by Johannes Van Nuyse in 1803, on the west end of his father’s farm. It was bought by Robert Magaw and later became the property of George C. Case, who removed the kitchen wing and moved the house to its current location in 1916.

The house is two and a half stories tall, rectangular, shingled and features a gambrel roof with an out-sweeping curve. Like the Van Nyuse House, the Magaw house was designated a landmark by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1969.

The Vans Nuyse-Magaw House is located at 1041 East 22nd St, Brooklyn.