7. The Lefferts Homestead, 1783

The Lefferts Homestead, built in the farming village of Flatbush, was home to Lefferts family, once one of the wealthiest, most renown and influential families in Brooklyn. In 1776, American soldiers burnt down the Lefferts Homestead, in order to smoke out British troops, and this led Continental Army Lieutenant Pieter Lefferts to build the 1783 house we see today.

The Lefferts house, with its traditional Dutch porches, now resides in Prospect Park, six blocks from its original location. In 1917, in order to protect the house from development threats, the John Leffert’s estate offered the home to the city of New York under the condition that it be moved onto city property, as a means of protection and preservation. The house now works as a museum, featuring a working garden, historic artifacts, period rooms, exhibits and activities such as candle making and butter churning.

The Lefferts Homestead is located at 452 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn.