9. The Joost Van Nuyse House, 1793

The Joost Van Nuyse House is another example of the Dutch Colonial farmhouse, and it is sometimes called the Ditmas Coe House or the Van Nuyse-Coe house, named after both the man suspected to have built the dwelling, Joost Van Nuyse, and Ditmas Coe, who rented the home in 1852.

The house is one and a half stories high, almost square with a steeply pitched roof, and is commended by conservationists for its excellent proportions, fine details and good state of preservation. The house was bought by the Amersfort Nursery in 1923 and moved from its original location to its current one. Landmarked in 1969, the Joost Van Nuyse House is now a private residence.

The Joost Van Nuyse House is located at 1128 E. 34th St., Brooklyn.