New York City is a treasure trove of amazing Art Deco architecture, with everything from iconic skyscrapers like Rockefeller Center and the Chrysler and Empire State buildings, to other structures such as banks, churches, and bathhouses. The prevalence of the style makes finding examples in the city a rewarding search, and doing so just got even easier with a new map by Allison C. Meier. Meier, a Brooklyn-based writer focused on visual culture, architecture, and overlooked history, rounded up over sixty-five leading examples of Art Deco architecture and put them on a stylish new map that shows the sweeping scope of the architectural movement throughout all of New York City.

Meier told Untapped Cities, “In putting this map together, I wanted to celebrate iconic Art Deco buildings like the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center, as well as draw attention to some lesser known sites. I think these show how the style of Art Deco finds diverse and unexpected applications in the 1920s and ’30s, such as the bathhouse at Pelham Bay Park, the playful Paul J. Rainey Memorial Gates at the Bronx Zoo, and even the abandoned Riverside Hospital Tuberculosis Pavilion on North Brother Island. Together all these grand and humble structures show how Art Deco is very much a part of the distinct architectural character of New York City.”

Photograph Courtesy of Blue Crow Media

The illustrated map covers everything from grand sites like Radio City Music Hall to lavish building lobbies decked out in the signature style of the Jazz Age. Along with the illustrated map, there are stunning, original photographs by Jason Woods, and an introduction to New York City’s Art Deco architecture, interiors and ornamentation written by Meier. The map is a handy guide for creating your own self-guided Art Deco walking tour, and its own sleek design makes it so attractive, you might just want to frame it.

Photograph Courtesy of Blue Crow Media

You can purchase a copy of the Art Deco Map of NYC here! Meier’s previous work includes a map of Concrete New York, also published by Blue Crow Media, which shows over fifty examples of the city’s finest concrete and Brutalist architecture.

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