Twirling fire sticks, dancing eight feet in the air, and wearing glowing glitzy costumes are all in a days work for New York City performance artist Claire de Luxe. The flashy and rich visuals created by her performances make de Luxe the perfect subject for mesmerizing portraits, and you can engage in a one-on-one photoshoot with her at our upcoming photography workshop, One Place One Face.

Photograph by Chris Zedano

Claire De Luxe can often be found enchanting audiences with her many talents at Brooklyn’s House of Yes, and entertaining guests in intimate settings and at large scale shows with her troupe The Enchanted Circus. Her performances make use of twirling poi sticks set ablaze, visual wands that create light images in the air, and of course, stilts. At our upcoming One Place One Face photography workshop, participants will get to photograph de Luxe in full costume atop her soaring stilts at a special location in Brooklyn. The workshop will be led by renowned photographer Stephane de Rouge, who will show you her tips and tricks to capture the best portrait.

In addition to the photography lesson and portrait session, participants will also get a tour of Brooklyn’s thriving street art scene. Guided by Untapped Cities Chief Experience Officer Justin Rivers, you will explore vibrant works of art found throughout the neighborhood of Bushwick.

The One Place One Face Workshop has passed.