2. There is a Time Capsule Buried Under the Anchorage

Though there is not much information about it online, there is a plaque inside the anchorage on the Brooklyn side that marks the spot of a buried time capsule. The capsule was put in place for the centennial celebrations in 1983. Its contents are not to be revealed until May 24th, 2083, which will mark the bicentennial of the bridge’s completion.

The 100th anniversary of the bridge’s construction was also commemorated with special edition items like official U.S Postal stamps and a bronze medal that had a piece of the original steel cable from the span embedded in it. Tiffany & Co. even made special edition pieces for the occasion which included a sterling silver money clip with a cross section of the bridge sculptured in relief, a sugar spoon which was a recreation of one Tiffany’s made in 1891 as part of a series honoring architectural monuments in New York, and an enamel box with a colorful panoramic view of the East River. The centennial celebrations were massive, with a parade of thousands crossing the bridge and a spectacular lights and fireworks show.

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4 thoughts on “The Top 15 Secrets of The Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Also trains ran across it. The Els from Brooklyn and street cars and/or trolleys went across the bridge also. The J train was designed to run across it too but that failed.

  2. I read through all 15 to see if you had this one. Some of them I actually didn’t know. Your site is amazing!

    1. Thank Avi! We strive to have our secrets up to snuff for the most curious folks! 🙂

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