5. The Walls and Streets of Kings Landing

Photo courtesy HBO

Two kilometers of stone walls surround Dubrovnik, situated atop rocky crags. The medieval turrets and towers easily lend themselves as the defenses of Kings Landing, seen in the Battle of the Blackwater. Meanwhile, although there is a wide main avenue in the Old City, most of Dubrovnik consists of narrow, winding streets. On the hillside, you an easily imagine Arya Stark scampering past in her escape from Kings Landing following the beheading of her father, Ned Stark.

But in season six, parts of Kings Landing, including the steps leading up to the Great Sept of Baelor were filmed in the Catalan city of Girona in Spain, leading up to the cathedral. The city of Caceres in Spain is also used for Kings Landing. Dubrovnik appears to not be a filming location for Game of Thrones in the final season.