2. The Valentine-Varian House, 1758

The Valentine-Varian House, built in 1758, is the second oldest house in the Bronx and oldest remaining farmhouse in the borough. It is also designedx in a Georgian style, with evenly placed windows, two matching chimneys, a gabled roof and interior rooms that mirror each other across a central hallway. During the Revolutionary War, the house was occupied by British, Hessian and American troops. In 1792, the Valentine family sold the property to Isaac Varian, whose grandson would become the 63rd Mayor of New York City.

In 1965, the house was donated to The Bronx County Historical Society and was moved diagonally across the street to its current location (one of the numerous historical buildings in New York City that have been moved). The move was a complicated operation that took two days and required a 48-wheel dolly. The Valentine-Varian House now operates as the Museum of Bronx History.