7. The Wave Hill House, 1843

The Wave Hill House, built in 1843, is part of a larger, 28-acre estate with lush gardens, slopes overlooking the Hudson River, and an unencumbered, sweeping view of the New Jersey Palisades. The property currently works as a public garden and cultural center, but throughout its history Wave Hill has been the home to a number of well-known figures.

The Greek Revival-style house, originally made of gray fieldstone, was owned by the famous publisher Henry Appleton from 1866 to 1903. During his time at Wave Hill, Appleton brought renown scientists such as Thomas Henry Huxley to the estate. Theodore Roosevelt’s family rented the estate during the summers of 1870 and 1871, and Mark Twain leased the property from 1901 to 1903. The land was also purchased in 1903 by George W. Perkins, a partner of J.P. Morgan.

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