2. Nada House and Rare Air at Governors Island

Governors Island will open to the public this year on May 1st, and with its opening comes the season’s new series of exhibitions. The season starts with Nada House and Rare Air, both exhibitions opening the first week of May and staying on display through July. Nada House, hosted by The New Art Dealers Alliance, is a collaborative exhibition featuring 45 artists across 34 rooms in three Colonial Revival houses on Colonels Row. The exhibition will speak to the island’s changing identity over time, from it’s beginning as Lenape land to its artistic purpose today. Rare Air Season II: Green Screen is an experimental exhibition that will focus on expanding the notions of space and our physical New York footprint, exploring the ideas through green screens, the void and building on the work from Rare Air Season I. 

Colonels Row will also be hosting short residencies and other exhibitions with SVA’s MFA Fine Arts, all exploring the concept of “life on an island,” in three, one-month cycles from May to July. The exhibitions will open on the weekends for public viewing, starting Saturday, May 4th, with “Castaways,” followed with “Archipelagos” and “S.O.S.”

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