22. Ecological City Mobile Mural

Photograph courtesy of Josh Mortiz

After the city dismissed the community-engaged and approved East Side Coastal Resiliency plan (commonly known as the BIG U or the Dryline) and instead chose a plan that would build a hard edge seawall and close the current waterfront parks for four years, some community members have decided to fight back with “creative placemaking” action. Along with parades of costumed marchers and giant puppets, part of the community action involved creating a 40-foot long mobile mural that celebrates the gardens, neighborhoods, and parks of the Lower East Side waterfront including Two Bridges, Loisaida Area, and Stuyvesant Cove, and of course the river itself. The six sections of the mural are each dedicated to the history of a specific facet of the ESCR community vision.

The mural will be unveiled on May 11th, and you register to participate in Ecological City’s spring events here.

Next read on for the numerous art installations still in place in New York City that you can still see in this month!

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