9. The Brooklyn Public Library (1896)

The Brooklyn Public Library, now referred to as the Bklyn Public Library, was founded in 1896. The Bkyln Public Library is the sixth largest public library system in the entire United States. Although construction began in 1912, it ceased up until 1935 due to financial difficulties caused by World War I and the Great Depression. Construction resumed thanks to a $16 million dollar donation from industrialist Andrew Carnegie. The Bklyn Public Library, also alluded to as the “Central Library,” officially opened to the public in 1941.

A unique feature of this location is that it provides a passport office and an idNYC registration site. In 2014, the Bklyn Public Library was recognized as third in the nation among other public libraries for its library programs and attendance by the American Library Association. If you have some spare time, head to the Bklyn Public Library to participate in some of these programs such as educational discussions, meditation classes, and film screenings.

And, look up and behind you when you enter: the eagle from the original Daily Eagle offices perches above you.