7. Apartment Building at Avenida México 75

With its rounded corners and smooth monochrome surfaces this 1934 building, another work of Francisco J. Serrano, is an example of Streamline Moderne, an Art Deco offshoot that originated in the United States. Also located in Hipódromo, those aerodynamic curves feel right at home here, as it is located along the oval shaped Avenida Méxcio, which encloses Parque México and follows the course of the old racetrack the area is named after.

Teatro Coronel Lindbergh

Parque México is not only surrounded by Art Deco buildings, it also contains a number of Art Deco structures. These include an open-air theater that was named for Charles Lindbergh in 1928 as a gesture of friendship to the United States after Lucky Lindy visited the year before.