9. Edificio Banco Mexicano

Entrance ot Edificio Banco Mexicano

After a day of exploring Mex Deco, what better way to relax than with a Manhattan or a mezcal in a New York-inspired jazz club in the basement of a classic 1930s Art Deco building?

Zinco Jazz Club has been operating in Edificio Banco Mexicano since 2005 in a space that includes former bank vaults. The club’s name is both an homage to the West Village’s Zinc Bar and a play on words as the building is at the corner of Cinco de Mayo Avenue and Zinco is a near-homonym for síncopa (syncopation).

Detail on Edificio Banco Mexicano

The building dates from 1936 and originally was used by as offices by Banco Mexicano and other companies. Besides Zinco and a ground level gym in the former banking hall, it is now an upscale apartment building.

Located in the Historic Center a few blocks from La Nacional, its massing is reminiscent of New York Deco with a vertical, three-dimensional facade, but the details are pure Mex Deco — statues and metalwork with pre-Columbian themes.