6. Four Freedoms Park

Within Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, “The Room” at the most southern point, is the perfect place to reflect next to the sound of the East River’s crashing waves. Located on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island, with its own stop on the F train, Four Freedoms Park offers a tranquil and architecturally beautiful landscape in which to gaze at the skyline ahead. A beautiful walk among the spring cherry blossoms of the island leads to the memorial, which includes a bust of Roosevelt and the famous quote from his 1941 State of the Union Address.

The first memorial dedicated to FDR in his home state, it is the last work of Louis Kahn and a tribute to both the famous four freedoms enumerated in Roosevelt’s 1941 speech and his legacy as a whole. It is open from 9am-7pm everyday of the week, except Tuesdays.