Our friends James and Karla Murray, the esteemed New York City photographers and authors, have launched a new YouTube series, “Tourists in Our Own City.” James and Karla are ideal hosts, as longtime East Village residents who have widely explored all five boroughs (and the islands) of New York City on foot over the course of decades, delving into the places and the people that define New York City.

The second episode, following a taste tour of the East Village which launched the series, is a look into the new Statue of Liberty Museum which opens tomorrow and the abandoned Ellis Island hospital, which James and Karla documented on one of our hard hat tours. These tours go exclusively into areas not open to the general public and we work with the organization Save Ellis Island to offer special access. Last week, we saw James and Karla creating their magic at the official press opening of the Statue of Liberty Museum, where many press outlets were on hand to get a sneak preview of the museum before it opens. 

Photo by James and Karla Photography

In these videos, James and Karla offer both insider information and practical advice, like how to get to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The video mixes their still photography and film footage, and information about the sites they’re showcasing. Int the second half of the video (about minute marker 7:30), James and Karla show their experience when they went to the abandoned hospitals on Ellis Island as Untapped Cities Brand Ambassadors. You can see some of the beautiful photographs they took on this visit here. You can subscribe to James and Karla’s YouTube channel to get updates on their latest videos.

Photo by James and Karla Photography

The Statue of Liberty Museum (and Ellis Island Immigration Museum) is free with your ferry ticket that comes with your ticket to the abandoned hospitals on Ellis Island. Join our next tour this weekend!

Behind-the-Scenes Hard Hat Tour of the Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital