Have a Fine Dining Experience at Citi Field

The Porsche Grille features a panoramic view of the field that allows guests to have a sit down meal while also enjoying the game.

In addition to the unique food kiosks scattered throughout the park, Citi Field also boasts some sit down restaurants that feature gourmet style food and great views of the game. Admission can be included in your ticket, depending on which package you opt for. You can also make a reservation in advance or walk in and wait for a table, though reservations tend to be recommended because of their popularity. Each restaurant has their own unique trait that drives fans in so everyone can look for the best they have to offer.

To get the best views, head to the Porsche Grille or Foxwoods Club, where you can get a wonderful look at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park or a stunning view of the New York City skyline. For a more exclusive experience, check out the Delta Sky360° Club, which features several different food options and takes up a whole floor of the stadium! These are some great destinations to dine on dishes created by the talent behind Tribeca Grille and Rao’s Specialty Foods, while having a glamorous day at the ballpark.

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One thought on “The Top 10 Secrets of Citi Field, Home of the New York Mets

  1. The Mets Hall of Fame and Museum gave this Yankee fan a good laugh…it was only added AFTER Met fans complained that CitiField was basically a tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers, and had nothing in that honored the home team. Thus, it gave the Dodgers TWO home stadiums.

    An embarrassed Met owner Jeff Wilpon dusted off the plaques of the long moribund Met Hall of Fame and added a few new victims — I mean honorees — and created the Mets Museum.

    First time I went to CitiField, I scrutinized the plaques and cracked up at the sight of Tug McGraw’s having a misspelled word. If I’d done that when I was associate editor their house magazine “Inside Pitch,” back in the 1980s (they fired me on when they sold the paper to “Baseball America” in 1985, another reason why I don’t root for the Mets any more), I would have been flogged as pre-game entertainment.

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